Fait La Force works hand in hand with artisans all over Haiti.  All of our products are handmade in our workshop in Port-au-Prince or in the workshop (or backyard) of one of our artisan partners.

The name Fait La Force was inspired by a phrase on the Haitian flag, "L'Union Fait La Force" or "Strength in Unity." 

For us this represents the strength found in partnerships- between us and our artisans, Haitian artisans and designers worldwide, our founders Emma + Chandler, and between creator and consumer. 

 A phrase heard often in Haiti is "men anpil, chay pa lou" or  "many hands make the load light". We believe there is truth in this and strive to work together to do just that.

Chandler is in Haiti + Emma is in New York.  

Wherever you are we would love to hear from you.